I love my gadgets me

I love kitchen gadgets. Unfortunately my passion for these lovely objects is restricted by the lack of storage space in my little kitchen. If I want a new gadget, it sometimes means giving up a not so loved gadget to make room. A gadget needs to earn its place.

One gadget I am glad is in my life is my spiralizer. It is something I only use during courgette season but it is worth the space it takes up. It makes courgettes into noodles which I adore with a yum sauce. I normally noodle-ize one big courgette per person. I mix this up with thinly sliced pepper and/or carrot. I serve it with tofu and mushrooms which I have diced, fried up and then finished on high heat with a mixture of soya sauce, liquid smoke and lime juice. The whole thing is then topped with chopped coriander, crushed peanuts and more lime juice.

I normally make an adapted sauce from the Terre a Terre cook book which is a joyful mix of miso paste, lime, sesame oil,and rice wine vinegar but I fancied a change. The sauce I used tonight was the peanut butter sauce from the PPK website here. It was vey nice. The fresh ginger really makes it. I might add in a fresh green chilli next time too. Great way to get those courgettes used up.



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2 Responses to I love my gadgets me

  1. I so want a spirulizer!

  2. Jojo says:

    I have a similar gadget problem and I really need to use my spiraliser more often.

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